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 Hello! My name is June Anderson.

Yes, after years of nagging by friends and colleagues I have agreed to present Vayacondios to the 21st century. 

I  thank everyone involved in the production of this site.

Now it's time for me to be honest with you. I'm really very excited by the whole thing.

Established in 1963, it is well past time to not only show off my Chihuahuas to you all, but to tell my story and perhaps, I hope, help some younger, keen breeders along the way.

Plus, although there are Vayacondios Chihuahuas already in New Zealand and Hawaii, I believe it is now time to spread the Vaycondios name beyond the shores of Australia. I welcome overseas inquiries.

Please stay a while. There's much to share with you. And please enjoy your visit to Vayacondios.

My Menu
1. From the beginning - A brief history of how it all began

2. The Long Coat Connection - Starting with darling Lacey

3. The Vayacondios Smooths - From   Patrick to present day. 

4. The Vayacondios Stud Dogs

5. Parade of Champions