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 Have you ever noticed that if something is “meant to be” then it will happen despite any barrier put in its way?

Thus it is with Vayacondios.

1963 marked the official start of this story with the registering of the Vayacondios prefix with the South Australian Canine Association. 

The breeder listed was one June Anderson.

The purchase of a single female, Narwyn Angelique from Victoria at the age of three months started the ball rolling.

Angel, as she came to be known was the typical “deer” type of Chihuahua as were most in those days. Very sound, huge ears, large lovely eyes, but a poor skull and a rather long nose. She had however, the unrelenting charm of the breed.

Mated to a dog from the Potosi Kennels, she produced two males and one female of which the female was kept. Vayacondios Juanita. The first Vayacondios Chihuahua. 

Juanita was in turn mated to Vaycondios’ first stud dog, Ch. Potosi Peppino that had been purchased from Dulcie Morris at the tender age of 2 weeks. I now realise how foolish this was. As many would say, the rest is history.

The first trip to Victoria for the Vayacondios Chihuahuas to compete at the Melbourne Royal Show was the next turning point for the kennels.

It was here that June Anderson met Mrs. Eva McMahon of “Chicdale Kennels”. For the benefit of our overseas visitors and those new to Chihuahuas in Australia, Eva McMahon is credited with the introduction of showing the breed to this country. 

At that time, Eva was showing dogs from the Johara  Kennels in the U.K.

Here was the finishing touch needed for the Vayacondios Chihuahuas.

The perfect head. 

Coupled with the sound bodies and wonderful temperaments of what had gone before we find the basis of the “Got it all Together” look of today’s Vayacondios Chihuahuas.

Ch. Chicdale Chocolata was mated to Ch. Vayacondios Carmencita, and  Ch.Vayacondois Poco Amore. Together they produced some great puppies of the type that are still winning in the Show Rings of Australia today.

For the record, the first homebred Champion was Vayacondios Diablito in 1969. A lovely Ch.Vayacondois Poco Amorechocolate and gold boy, he preceded the 30 Champions to come, and that are still coming today.

A divorce and the usual drama’s of these situations forced June into a 5-year hiatus from actually breeding. The nucleus of the Vayacondios stock was leased to Rubeden Kennels, with “show rights” being retained. 
By the time everything was sorted out and suitable accommodation found however, the dogs were too old to proceed with.

Being the dogged woman that she is, there was only one answer.

Start all over again!At about this time, June was attending a show and met up with an old friend, Kyashmi Lady LuckViv Boxall of Kyashmi Kennels. Viv had with her that day a beautiful chocolate and gold girl, Kyashmi Lady Luck. “Oh, she was lovely,” says June, “But naughty!” For this stubborn little miss would not show. Her owner decided to let her go, and June was there with open arms. 

I wracked my brains on how to get her to show for me. We got into the routine of taking her walking with my Rottie every night. It was all worth it for in September of that year the brave little soul showed like a trooper and was awarded Runner-up in Group at the Adelaide Royal Show” 

Now for a stud dog!

As things turned out, the stud for the “Second Coming” of Vayacondios was already born and walking around on 4 chubby little feet.


Possibly the only Chihuahua in Australia that is as well known, if not better known by his “pet” name than his official registered title. 

Australian Champion Apocodeadar Largo

It was mid 1988 when David Roche And Max Winch, who knew June was on the lookout for a quality stud dog, noticed Apocodeodar Largo at the Sydney Royal, They discovered he was available from Sylvia Stevenson, and so he was purchased, sight unseen.

In June’s own words, 

Patrick was the most influential character I have ever had the pleasure to own. To all that knew and admired him and the few who had the foresight to use him, he will be remembered as the Sire of Champions. I will be forever grateful to Sylvia Stevenson for allowing me the privilege of sharing eleven glorious years with this wonderful pre-potent little  “Top Hat ‘n Bow Tie” kind of guy.”

The type Patrick threw still prevails three and even four generations on when selectively line bred.

Patrick and Bunkies as these two became known, produced some wonderful puppies. 

As a wonderful example of this, Patrick is both the Grandsire and Great Grandsire of the first South Australian Grand Champion Smooth Coat.

Grand Champion Janleo Autumn Eagle

Her sire is Vayacondios Eagle Dancer, the son of Ch. Aslak Little Big Man, and Ch Rubeden Shady Lady Spiv. Shady Lady was of course, sired by “the man” himself, Patrick.

Her Dam, Ch. Donreo by Patrick out of Donreo Blue Jeans.

Phyl Harris used Patrick on her lovely Donreo Blue Jeans, and from this union came Donreo Autumn (The dam of Autumn Eagle described earlier)  and the lovely Donreo Black Opal, which came to June in lieu of stud fees.

Phyl also used Patrick on Kyashmi Stormy Delight, for two lovely girls   Donrea Show Girl and Donrea  Show Me. Show Me came to live with June and soon both of these bitches were Australian Champions.
Tassie and Zena  of Rubeden Kennels put Patrick to  the daughter of one of the bitches they had leased from June and the result was the wonderful Rubeden Shady Lady Spiv. 
Thus it was that the old and the new of Vayacondios came back together again.
All these bitches were great winners with Best in Show at the S.A. Chihuahua Show, and several Group Wins. 
Shady astounded everyone by winning the Pal Guineas Final at the Adelaide Royal.

Those were the days! Donreo Black Opal
Over the years June has concentrated on breeding Smooth Coats as they were and still are her favorites. 

Says June, “They are lovely honest dogs. What you see is what you get.  There is also an arrogance, intelligence and a delicious cunning about them. Of course they are a delight to live with, a constant series of mind games with some to get the best out of them, while others give their all, with all their little hearts.

About 8 years ago June sent one of her best smooth coats to Sydney to Peter Minney of Peejaymini Kennels. She was mated to a smooth male, and duly sent home. She had her litter 7 days premature. Of the three pups born, two survived. One of these was the most delightful long coat possible.

Vaycondios Spanish Lace

Ch. Vayacondios Spanish LaceI just couldn’t part with her,” says June, “and now I have been infiltrated by these gorgeous, wonderful typical long coats. They are joyful dogs. Their sweet appearance belies the mischievousness of their characters. To describe the difference between living with both coat types at play, I would have to say the smooths appear to spring along like Pepé La Peu while the longs sweep and float. Smooths want to be off and doing things while the longs love cuddles and quiet times. They both have their special charms.”