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Serendipity is defined as being a pleasant, yet unexpected surprise.

Id like to take you on an imaginary trip to see an example of Serendipity.

Lets travel to the city of churches. Adelaide in South Australia.  More specifically, to a quiet northern suburb of Adelaide. 

Neat tidy streets lined with neat tidy homes. Homes where generations of children have played and grown up. 

In one particular street, in amongst many more identical houses is one home. Nothing outstanding about it. A well kept garden, a clean, older style car in the driveway. In fact, youd have to look very carefully to pick out the single clue that something very special is to be found here. 

As was the practice for many years, this house has a name on the front wall. In white wrought iron is a single phrase. To the casual observer, it may appear as just another house name.

But to those who know and love the Chihuahua, the name will instantly tell you that you have found a very special place.

That name?

Vaya Con Dios 

For this is the home of June Anderson, Specialist Group 1 (Toy Dogs) judge with 20 yrs judging experience, Group 5 (Working Dogs) judge since 1993, and Group 6 (Utility Dogs) since1998.

and of course....

the VayaConDios Chihuahuas. 

I invite you to come and visit


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